Kid Rock takes new fiancee to the White House

Pittsburgh Penguins v Detroit Red Wings - Game Five
(c) Dave Sandford/Getty: Kid Rock and fiancee Audrey Berry attend a Detroit Red Wings game in their hometown.

He reportedly popped the question earlier this year, but the news broke only recently. Rap-rocker Kid Rock is engaged to wed his longtime girlfriend Audrey Berry, a fellow Detroit native, and last week brought her into the public sphere with a highly publicized visit to the White House, for a series of photo ops with President Trump.

Rock, a staunchly anti-liberal Republican, was joined by Berry, failed Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, and certifiably insane ’70s rocker Ted Nugent, who has unapologetically threatened to murder multiple Democrats, including Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton, with machine guns (and is a frequent companion of Rock and Berry on bow-hunting trips into the bush).

(c) White House Press Handout, 19 Apr 2017: Kid Rock and fiancee Audrey Berry (left) pose with Trump, Palin, Nugent, and Nugent’s wife Shemane during a visit to the Oval Office this week.

People reports that Kid Rock, 46, (real name Robert Ritchie) has been dating Berry for years, having met her not long after the end of his marriage to actress Pamela Anderson (whom he wed aboard a yacht in St-Tropez, France in 2006, divorcing just months later – probably because Anderson is a militant vegan, and he’s a militant hunter). News of his engagement to Berry first broke when she was spotted wearing a diamond ring on the rocker’s fan cruise earlier this month.

(c) Audrey Berry’s oval-cut engagement ring from rap-rocker Kid Rock.

In an interview with former CNN host Piers Morgan in 2011, he admitted to keeping his relationship with Berry private because she isn’t famous. “[Celebrity] can really be a tough thing to deal with,” he said of dating. “I’m thinking of somebody else, trying not to be so selfish.”

No word on when the wedding might take place, or if the couple will invite their famous friends. Rock has a son, Bobby Ritchie Jr., 24, with ex-girlfriend Kelley South Russell, who gave Rock a granddaughter, named Skye, in late 2014.

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