Jennifer Hudson may never marry David Otunga, and she’s fine with it

(c) Getty Images

Long engagements are hardly unheard of in Hollywood; neither are couples who never officially take the plunge (paging Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn…).

Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson became engaged to former pro wrestler-turned-commentator David Otunga in 2008, not long before they welcomed son David Jr., now 8, and shows no signs of someone itching to walk down the aisle.

In a recent appearance on talk show Loose Women in the UK, she was asked about her very long engagement. “I feel like everything is about timing, and he ain’t going nowhere. He’s still there,” she told the hosts.

While she admitted that she does sometimes get pressured to wed by her son, his is the perhaps the only voice that could possibly convince her. “I’m a believer in you do well and better in what you want to do rather than what you have to do. If you have to be somewhere, you don’t want to do it no more.”

She expressed fear that she and Otunga could end up like couples who spend years unmarried, but split soon after they do wed and the relationship dynamic shifts, ultimately shrugging off the pressure. “Everyone has married us off anyway, and we’re still a family but there’s no difference,” she said.

Source: Mirror


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