Blue Collar Comedian’s Heartfelt Texas Wedding

(c) Eric Younkin: Comedian Ron White marries singer-songwriter Margo Rey in Dallas, as Jay McGraw looks on.
(c) Eric Younkin: Comedian Ron White marries singer-songwriter Margo Rey in Dallas, as Jay McGraw looks on.

This past Sunday, October 13th, the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas played host to a heartfelt Blue Collar celeb wedding – comedian Ron White, a Vegas headliner best known as a member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and for his comedy album You Can’t Fix Stupid, got hitched for the third time, saying “I do” to his longtime love, singer-songwriter Margo Rey, reports People.

The couple got engaged in 2009, just weeks before Rey was diagnosed with breast cancer. Following a double mastectomy she beat the disease, only to discover in January of this year that the cancer had returned in her lymph nodes. As a result, Rey’s bridal hairstyle was a decidedly unconventional cropped ‘do, a side effect of her recent chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She wore a strapless white grown with a jeweled sweetheart neckline, and was walked down the aisle inside the pink-lit ballroom by her mother. White wore a relatively casual grey suit combo with no tie.

Guests, who were asked to donate to research and support fund in lieu of wedding gifts, included Hall & Oates’ John Oates, one of Rey’s songwriting partners, retail billionaire John Paul DeJoria, and TV host Dr. Phil MacGraw and his family. DeJoria and MacGraw reportedly partnered with White to help form Rey’s own record label many years ago. TMZ reports that guests were served Southern-style food including fingerling potatoes, green beans with chili peppers, and Frito Pie. A well-known gag in White’s stand-up routine, Frito Pie is made of Frito’s corn chips, chili, and cheese. Two wedding cakes were served – one three-tier traditional wedding cake, and a second, smaller chocolate ‘groom’s cake.’

Rey changed into a less-elaborate strapless gown for the reception, then changed again into a shorter white dress with lots of fringe to perform on stage. Guests were also serenaded with a performance by John Oates, as well as Dr. Phil’s son, Jay MacGraw (who also officiated the ceremony). The couple’s dogs, Pearl and Gurdy, served as ringbearers during the ceremony and had front-row seats for the entertainment, lying on stage during the performances.

This is White’s third marriage. He has a son, Marshall, with first wife Lori Brice, to whom he was married from 1980-1992. He was married to fellow Blue Collar comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s interior designer, Barbara Dobbs, from 2004-08. He met Rey through his longtime opening act Alex Reymundo, who is Margo’s brother. If place cards inside the reception are any indication, the couple is spending their honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Interesting non-wedding fact: Margo’s can sing in four-and-a-half octaves. To compare how impressive that is, consider that both Celine Dion and Mariah Carey can sing in five.

TMZ’s Ron White wedding album, including a better look at all three of Rey’s white gowns, here.


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